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What is the HUB?
Your Connection to a Healthy Pregnancy…

Are You Pregnant?
Your health and the health of your baby are important. The HUB is a free program that can help you have a healthy pregnancy and delivery. We can help you get things you need from Youngstown and Mahoning County agencies.

Care Coordinators:
The HUB has community health workers who understand that it can be hard to know what choices to make when you are pregnant. They can tell you about other services in the community and how you can use them. They will connect you with service that can help you and your baby.

Did You Know?

  • When babies are born too soon or to small, they are more likely to have health problems.
  • When a baby dies before its 1st birthday, this is call “infant mortality.”
  • If a woman is not healthy or does not get the care that she needs when she is pregnant, her baby is more likely to have serious problems.

The HUB wants to help babies reach their 1st birthday and have many more!

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